Things to do in
Austin Texas

Here are some fun things to do in Austin Texas on vacation.

See more than a million Austin Bats leave the Congress Bridge at dusk for their evening feeding. Swim in the Barton pool fed by the Barton natural underground springs. Visit the state capital that was modeled after the capital in Washington D.C.

Visit the Austin Zoo that has many neglected animals. See the 22 acres of beautiful Zilker Botanical Gardens.

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Austin Skyline

The Austin Skyline

The Austin Bats
This is one of Austin’s best known attractions. There are approximately one and a half million bats in mid-summer that leave the Congress Bridge (over Town Lake) at dusk each evening for their nightly feeding. It can take up to 45 minutes for all of the bats to exit. They consume somewhere between 10,000-30,000 pounds of insects each night.

Barton Springs
This is another favorite attraction in Austin. The Barton Springs Pools are a great place to spend the day swimming in. This underground spring fed 68 degree water is just what the doctor ordered on hot Austin summer days. It is located in Ziker Park.

Texas State Capital
The Texas State Capital was modeled after the United States capital in Washington DC. It is constructed from red granite and took over seven years to complete. It was designed by architect Elijah E. Myers. It has immaculately landscaped grounds and is a great place to visit on a quite lazy afternoon. Short tours of less than an hour are available.

Texas State Capital Building

Texas State Capital Building

More fun things to do in Austin on vacation

The Austin Zoo
The Austin Zoo is special because it is a home to many animals that have been neglected. There are around 100 species of animals. You can purchase food at the zoo and feed the animals. Children and adults alike always enjoy this activity.

Zilker Botanical Gardens
The Zilker Botanical Gardens are twenty-two acres of unique gardens. The names of the gardens are: The Cactus and Succulent Garden, the Herb and Fragrance Garden, the Rose Garden, the Azalea Garden, the Butterfly Garden, the Taniguchi Gardens and more.

The Taniguchi Gardens have beautiful Japanese landscapes with a running stream, a waterfall, wooden bridges and lily ponds. The beauty, peace and solitude of these gardens provide inspiration to artists and writers. They also provide a wonderful place for anyone who appreciates nature and getting away from the city for a little while.

Zilker Botanical Gardens Austin

Zilker Botanical Gardens Austin

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