5 Fun Things to do in Australia

There are many fun things to do in Australia on vacation.

Visit the world famous Opera House in Sydney. Dive on the Great Barrier Reef and see amazing sea life, ship wrecks and more.

Travel to Cairns and see the 100 million year old Daintree Forest. Hold a Kolas at the Billabong Sanctuary.

Cheap Vacation Ideas for Australia

• Airline tickets will be one of your highest expenses traveling to Australia.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House - Things to do in Australia

Traveling during Australia's winter and early spring (June through September - their off season) can save you a great deal of money.

Also, consider the shoulder season from March thru May (between the high and low season).

• Research the best hotel and airline rates on line.
See: Book Travel Online.

• Purchase a good Guide Book to the state you are visiting. Look for one with detailed maps, things to do, insider tips, great restaurants, hotels, shopping, nightlife and more.

The few dollars you spend will be returned many times over. Whenever I travel to a new place I make sure and get one or two. Consider Frommer’s guide. There are other good guides as well.

• Book early to get the best rates.

Sydney has many great activities. You can see the stunning Sydney Opera House. Visit the Rocks where you can learn about the colorful history of modern Australia. Learn about and shop for beautiful and valuable Opals. Take a relaxing walk along the beach from Bondi to Congee.

There are many fun things to do in Melbourne Australia. Visit the third oldest zoo in the world. Dive with sharks at the Melbourne Aquarium. See the exhibits at the Melbourne Museum. Get a stunning view from the 88th floor of the fourth tallest building in the world.

The Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is located in the coral sea off the coast of Queensland in northeast Australia. The reef supports a wide diversity of fish and other animals. There are large parrot fish, turtles, clown fish and more. Much of the reef is protected by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

There are many great sites to see. For example, one major draw is the sunken remains of the SS Yongala wreck. It is largely intact and is located around 56 miles from Townsville and 10 miles on the cost. I had the privilege of diving on the Yongala in late 2005 and it was a blast.

Clown Fish Great Barrier Reef

Clown Fish - Great Barrier Reef

More fun things to do in Australia on vacation

Cairns, Townsville and Outlying Areas
Cairns, Townsville and the outlying areas have much to offer, especially for nature lovers. You can take a trip to the 110 million year old Daintree Forest, go to the Billabong Sanctuary and more. Cairns and Townsville Australia are located are located in the Northeastern part of Queensland Australia.

The Billabong Sanctuary
You will lean about and even get a chance to hold a koala, baby crocodile, a python, and a wombat. There are informative and interesting talks and shows running continuously throughout the day that teach about the fascinating and varied Australian wildlife.

Crocodile Show Billabong Sanctuary

Crocodile Show - Billabong Sanctuary

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