Things to do in Cairns Australia

There are many fun things to do in Cairns Australia, Townsville and the outlying areas.

Cairns and Townsville Australia are located are located in the Northeaster part of Queensland Australia.

They have a great deal to offer for vacations, especially for nature lovers.

See the map below.

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Things to do in Australia

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Daintree Forest Fruits

Daintree Forest Fruits

A couple of hours north of Cairns is the 110 million year old Daintree forest.

The Daintree forest is one of the oldest on the planet. You can see living plants that are fossils elsewhere else in the world.

If you head south to Townsville Australia (~4.5 hours) there are some amazing things to see and do. Some of the road signs along the way are hilarious.

Funny Sign Cairns Austrailia

Funny Road Sign

If you are a wildlife lover then consider going to the Billabong Sanctuary which is located near Cairns. You will lean about and even get a chance to hold a koala, baby crocodile, a python, and/or a wombat.

Crocodile Billabong Sanctuary

Crocodile Show Billabong Sanctuary

If you are a scuba diver on vacation, Townsville Australia (near Cairns) is a prime launching point for dive boats going out to the Great Barrier Reef.

For more adventures in Australia please see: The Great Barrier Reef

Clown Fish Great Barrier Reef

Clown Fish - Great Barrier Reef Australia

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