Things to do in Germany

There are many fun things to do in Germany on vacation.

• Visit some great museums in Berlin
There are 170 to choose from!.

• See the important financial district in Frankfort.

• Visit the home of the Oktoberfest in Munich.

• Enjoy the maritime charms of Hamburg.

• Attend a music festival in Nuremberg.

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Munich Skyline

The Munich Skyline

This is a city with a checkered past that has sprung like a Phoenix after the Berlin wall fell in 1989. The city has turned into a cultural center. Explore more than 170 museums.

Visit beautiful palaces, gardens, parks and landscapes. Take a city tour by foot, bike or bus.

There is much to see and do in Frankfort (Germany’s financial powerhouse). This is a city with some striking contrasts. There are re-creations of neo-Gothic houses and government buildings. Just beyond them are huge skyscrapers.

Some of the key attractions are the many beautiful gardens, the Frankfort Zoo (a popular family destination), and the Höchst Porcelain Manufactory. You can also see the Römer, Frankfurt Cathedral and St. Paul’s Church. Most downtown attractions are within walking distance. Make sure you try some of the famous Frankfurt apple wine on your vacation.

Explore history, architecture, art and culture in Munich. Visit the wonderful Tierpark Hellabrunn Zoo. Explore the English Garden (it is Munich’s largest urban Public Park.

Visit Hofbräuhaus which is the world’s most famous beer hall. Here you will enjoy mouth watering Bavarian dishes, traditional music and of course great beer!

Munich is home of the world-famous Oktoberfest. It starts in late September and continues to the first week of October. There is a great deal of dancing, food and oompah bands.

More Fun Things to do in Germany

Hamburg (Gateway to the World) is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. It is the second largest city in Germany.

In addition to its charm you will find a great deal of things to entertain and delight including fine art, culture, musicals, theatre, good restaurants, hotels, night life, historical landmarks and great shopping.

Tourists are enthralled by the maritime charms of Hamburg. The Port of Hamburg (in the heart of the city) ships all over the world. You can visit Elbe, HafenCity (PortCity), Alster, Speicherstadt (Storehouse City), and the Fish Market.

In Nuremberg you can enjoy its wonderful culture. See great music festivals. Attend the Opera or Ballet (at the State Theatre). Enjoy the fine parks. Visit one of Europe’s largest and most beautifully landscaped zoos.

Interesting Facts:
Nuremberg is famous for the a series of military tribunals (Nuremberg Trials) held after World War II in 1945 -1946 at the Palace of Justice. 22 of the most prominent leaders (war criminals) of Nazi Germany were tried and prosecuted for their horrid crimes.

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