Things to do in Japan on Vacation

There are many fun things to do in Japan on vacation. This web page also has inexpensive vacation ideas for a Japan vacation.

Cheap Inexpensive Vacation Ideas for Japan

• Traveling during the off-season to Japan will save you money. Spring and fall are great times to visit.

In spring the plum and cherry blossoms are in bloom. They are amazing. There is a great deal of foliage worth seeing in the Fall.

• Research the best hotel and airline rates on line.
See: Book Travel Online.

Tokyo Skyline

The Tokyo Skyline

• Book early to get great rates, especially if you are attending a festival.

• Purchase one or two good Japan guide books with maps, things to do and where to get discounts. The few dollars you spend will be returned many times over.

Frommer’s puts out excellent guides (I have used several of them). Consider Frommer’s Japan for your trip.

Fun things to do in Japan

There are many exciting things to do in Tokyo Japan. Travel to the man made island of Odaiba to see space age buildings, electric cars, a monorail and the world’s largest Ferris wheel. Take a day trip to Mt Fuji, Lake Ashi and Bullet Train back to Tokyo. Consider visiting two theme parks at the Disney Resort on your vacation.

Kyoto Hapan
Kyoto is a city rich with Japanese traditional culture. There are more than 400 Shinto Shrines and 1,600 Buddhist Temples. There are bamboo groves, pebble gardens, shrines, golden temples and more.

Besides being a city deeply rich with history, it is also one of the world’s most culturally rich cities. Some argue that it should be ranked with Rome, London and Paris as a city to visit.

Ride a Bullet Train
High speed bullet trains are called Shinkansen. Their speeds are close to 186 mph (300km/hr). A trip between Kyoto and Tokyo takes around 2 hours. There are 7, 14 and 21 day rail passes for unlimited travel throughout Japan.

This is a (relatively) inexpensive (and speedy) option to consider if your trip to Japan has several destinations.

Bullet Train Tokyo

The Bullet Train - Tokyo

Traditional Performing Arts - Fun Things to do in Japan
Experiencing a different culture is always interesting, educational and fun. Japan has a rich and old culture worth learning about through the arts. There are several forms of the Traditional Performing Arts in Japan.

Here are just a few examples:

Noh is a dance that is highly stylized with a main actor (usually masked) dances to instrumental music and chanting.

Kyogen has short comic plays that are realistic and down to earth humor. It was developed around the same time as Noh.

Bunraku is a highly sophisticated puppet theatre that features large puppets (each worked by three men). There are also narrators (tayu) and samisen musicians.

More fun things to do in Japan

Beautiful Japanese Shrines and Temples
Japanese shrines, and temples are ingrained in the Japanese culture. There are Buddhist Temples, Shinto Shrine, palaces, castles and more. The history, stories, layout and construction of the temples are fascinating and educational.

Sumo Wrestling
Sumo wrestling is Japan’s national sport. The rules are simple. The first wrestler to touches the ground (with anything but the soles of his feet), or leaves the ring first, loses. The fights usually last only seconds, rarely a minute. Matches are in an elevated ring known as a Dohyo which is made of clay and covered with sand.

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