Fun Things to do in Ketchikan Alaska

There are many inexpensive vacation ideas and fun things to do in Ketchikan Alaska.

Most people who visit Ketchikan get there on an Alaska Inside Passage Cruise.

You can take a walking tour and see, Totem poles, Ketchikan Creek and the Falls, a salmon hatchery and more.

One of the world’s largest collections of Totems is at Ketchikan. They are scattered all around town. You can also visit a native Saxman Native Village.

Ketchikan Cruising

Ketchikan Alaska

Walking Tours
Ketchikan is a great town to take your own walking tour. You can get a great flavor of the town.

The cruise lines land right next to the town so it easily in walking distance.

Ketchikan Houses

A Walking Tour in Ketchikan

Sea Plane Rides
Ketchikan has many sea planes. In a place where roads are at a premium, sea planes are a major form of transportation and site seeing.

If you decide to take a sea plane ride to see the stunning landscapes consider booking when you get to Ketchikan instead of through the cruise line.

In Ketchikan a sea plane pilot offered us 30% off of the standard price for a sea plane ride. We didn’t take him up on the offer, but it shows that everything is negotiable. Don’t be afraid to ask for the best price.

If you do decide to take a plane ride you might want to talk to a local business or two to find out who are the most reputable pilots in Ketchikan. Safety is paramount and you don’t want a hot shot flying you around!

Ketchikan Sea Plane

Sea Planes in Ketchikan

If you don’t fly consider investing some time near the water and you will many of these planes taking off, landing and flying. I shot three rolls of film on these amazing planes. We saw dozens taking off and landing.

Bald Eagle Observing
Invest some time looking to the sky when in Ketchikan. There are many Bald Eagle flying around. You will also want to check the top of the telephone poles and tree tops to see these majestic creatures.

If you want to see Bald Eagles up close and personal go to the Bald Eagle Center. It is located next to the Deer Mountain Hatchery. Definitely bring your best camera!

Bald Eagle Ketchikan

Bale Eagle in Ketchikan

Electric Car rides
When we were in Ketchikan we met some people who had rented an electric car for $40/hour. They were kind enough to take us to the rental place and we rented the car.

The business owners were friendly and helpful. The ride was a blast and we drove around the city in less than an hour.

Electric Car Ketchikan

Electric Car in Ketchikan - Things to do in Ketchikan

More Fun Things to do in Ketchikan on an inexpensive vacation

The Deer Mountain Hatchery
You can see where tens of thousands of Coho and king salmon smolts (two year olds). You will learn about the salmon’s life cycle form educational displays and viewing the salmon from observation platforms.

The Saxman Native Village
There are 34 totem poles, several carving centers and a large clan house. Some of the carvers are internationally recognized. There is demand for their work around the world. Most of the residences of Saxman are Tlingit. Saxman is located 3 miles south of Ketchikan’s downtown.

Things to do in Ketchikan - Shopping
If you decide to do some shopping for gear, clothing and souvenirs or gifts (Christmas gifts are great from far away places), I recommend checking out the Alaskan Tongass Outdoor Outfitter. It is the oldest continuously operating company in Alaska. It originally opened in 1898.

They are close to port and unlike many businesses next to ports there prices are very reasonable and they have great products. For example, I purchased a high quality reversible jacket with Alaska embroidered on the front for $19.

I also purchased most of my Christmas gifts for this year. These included an Alaska T-Shirt in a can, mittens and a hat for my sisters young daughter, and more.

Tongass Trading Company Ketchikan Alaska

The Tongass Trading Company -Things to do in Ketchikan

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