Things to do in Madrid Spain on Vacation

There are many fun things to do in Madrid Spain on vacation.

Visit the Prado Museum which is the largest art gallery in the world. See the beautiful and ornate rooms in the Royal Palace of Madrid. See important collections of 20th and 21st century art in the Reina Sofia Museum. Enjoy the fresh air while browsing the vendors at the El Rastro fair.

Visit wonderful monuments, sculptures and museums in Buen Retiro Park. Learn about the colorful history and people watch at the Plaza Mayor.

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Plaza Mayor Madrid

Plaza Mayor Madrid

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The Prado Museum
The Prado has more that 2,000 paintings shown (more than 8,600 housed). It is known as being the largest art gallery in the world! The current gallery is from the old Trinidad Museum along with donations, bequest and acquisitions.

The Royal Palace in Madrid
The Royal Palace is the official residence of the King of Spain. However, King Juan Carlos and the Royal family don’t live here. The palace is only used for State Ceremonies. Portions of the palace are open to the public except when there is official business.

This inside is beautiful and ornate with Palace rooms such as the Throne Room, the Gasparini Room, the Porcelain Room, The Dining Room, The Basilica and The Armory.

Reina Sofia Museum
The Reina Sofia Museum has an important collection of 20th and 21st century art. There are works from Salvador Dali and John Miro. Picasso’s famous Guernica, is here as well.

El Rastro - Street: Ribera de Curtidores and Adjacent Streets
Good street fairs are a lot of fun to visit. El Rastro is a popular outdoor market where you can find everything from CDs to kitchen supplies. It is open Sunday’s and during fiestas.

More fun things to do in Madrid

Buen Retiro Park
Located in the centre of Madrid; Buen Retiro Park has beautiful monuments, sculptures, with the background of a peaceful lake. Activities include museums, boating jogging and site seeing. This is one of Madrid’s premier attractions.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid
The Plaza Mayor has a rich and colorful history. There have been inquisition trials, tournaments, weddings, bullfights and executions. Today in the plaza has street vendors, and residents milling about, and can be fun people watching on your vacation.

Rail Europe trains in Spain

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