Things to do in Maui Hawaii

There are many exciting things to do in Maui Hawaii on vacation.

You can take a Zipline, go whale watching or scuba diving.

Go snorkeling, swimming, fishing or kayaking.

Visit the island of Lanai,

Relax on the beautiful beaches and soak in the warm sea breezes.

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Things to do in Hawaii.

Maui Hawaii Sunset

Maui Hawaii Sunset

In Piiholo Ranch in Maui you hook up to a Zipline where you will soar more than three miles through great Eucalyptus forests. You will have magnificent coastal and canyon views as you fly thought the air with the greatest of ease. If you have never done a Zipline, it is a wonderful experience for adventure seekers.

Whale Watching
There are many whale watching tours between December and May. The humpbacks you can see are beautiful giants that are graceful and fun to watch. You have several options to see these majestic creatures. You can cruise on a luxury yacht with an underwater whale cam, or travel in a high tech submarine and then board a yacht to see the whales afterward, or take a cruise and then go out for a Luau.

Scuba Diving
Board the Pride of Maui (boat) and explore the Molokini coral reef where the visibility is consistent and excellent--many times to 150 feet or more. There is an abundance of amazing colorful and fascinating marine life with hundred of different species of fish along with the beautiful coral. The water temperature is frequently a comfortable 78 degrees.

The Island of Lanai
You can go the Island of Lanai for the day and visit the lush rain forest, uncrowded beaches and fascinating tide-pools. Lanai has the longest stretch of coral reef in Hawaii where you can do some great snorkeling. The biggest attraction is on Lanai’s southern coast where you might see a large pod of Spinner Dolphins that frequent this area.

Other fun things to do in Maui on vacation

You can take bike tours, down a volcano, go horseback riding, take a sunset cruse, go kayaking, deep sea fishing. Other activities include Maui Helicopter tours, deep sea fishing, Para-sailing and more. Getting bored on this tropical Paradise is not problem. There are too many fun things to do!

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