Things to do in Venice Italy

There are many fun things to do in Venice Italy on vacation. The main attraction of Venice, is Venice itself!

Just walking around and taking in the sites has its own sense of enjoyment.

People watching and popping in and out of the many curio shops can be enjoyable, especially when shared with a friend or loved one.

Venice is known as one of Europe’s most romantic cities. The New York times described it as “undoubtedly the most beautiful city built by man”.

Grand Canal Venice Italy

Grand Canal - Venice Italy

Venice has many nicknames such as “City of Water”, “City of Bridges”, “City of Canals” and more.

Fun things to do in Venice on vacation

Grand Canal
Walking around the Grand Canal is fun. It forms the major water traffic corridors in the city. The Grand Canal is lined with buildings that date back to the 13th though 18th century. You can take a trip on a gondola, but expect to pay a huge sum of money for this.

I found that walking around, people watching and taking pictures was as much fun, if not more fun than taking an expensive boat ride. Having said that; if you have always wanted to take a Gondola ride, then you should do so. You may never pass this way again.

Have a Relaxing Meal
One of the things that is a lot of fun is to have a relaxing meal with great friends or loved ones. The Italian food is great, the ambiance subtle and romantic and relaxing atmosphere is just what the doctor ordered.

In the fall of 2008 after a tango cruise to the East Mediterranean three friends and I spent an afternoon dining at one of the many small fine Italian restaurants in Venice. The ambiance, wait staff, conversation and food made this a delightful afternoon and very memorable experience.

More fun things to do in Venice on vacation

St. Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco)
This is the central landmark and gathering place (great urban spaces) in Venice. It was started in the 9th century and grew from there. There is no motorized traffic only people which makes it somewhat unique. The mportant offices of the Venetian state are here and it is a focus for many of Venice’s festivals.

St Marks Square - Piazza San Marco

St Marks Square - Piazza San Marco

Teatro La Fenice
The Teatro La Fenice opera house is one of the most famous in Europe. There have been many famous premieres here. The name means to “rise from the ashes’. Since the La Fenice has been opened it has burned down twice and been rebuilt. It truly deserves the name of “The Phoenix”!

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