Tracy Arm Fjord Alaska

Tracy Arm Fjord Alaska offers stunningly beautiful scenery to see on vacation.

There are literally hundreds of cascading waterfalls that are breath taking as they make their way down the mountains.

There is glacier calving (huge chunks of ice breaking off and plunging into the freezing waters below).

When the calving begins there is a huge rumbling sound of power and it is awesome to watch.

Shore excursions into the Fjord are offered in Juneau if your cruise line doesn’t offer them here.

An example of Glacier Calving in Alaska

Smaller ships that move in closer to the shore offer a much more breathtaking view than the larger cruise ships.

There are float plane trips which are exciting and dramatic to see the Fjord.

Imagine flying about a glacier as it shears off and plunges into the freezing waters below. Or, how about seeing the beautiful waterfalls up close as the water rushes down from the mountain above?

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