Travel Cruise Lines

There are many travel cruise lines to select from for an inexpensive vacation.

To choose the right one for your needs there are several factors to be considered.

American Cruise Lines is unique because it puts an emphasis on rich American history and culture. Based out of Connecticut they specialize in small ship cruising along the inland waterways and rivers of the United States.

Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the travel cruise lines for people who get bored easily. Consequently it is geared towards the younger single crowd and families with children under twenty one.

Ketchikan Cruise

Cruise Ship in Ketchikan Alaska

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About thirty percent of the passengers on Carnival Cruise Lines are under thirty five. Forty percent are between thirty five and fifty five. Thirty percent are over fifty five. About half of the passengers are taking their first cruise.

It is not a “luxury” cruise line. Be cautious of all the art auctions, inch of gold/silver and so called “designer watches.” If not, your wallet may be a bit lighter on the trip home!

Celebrity X Cruises is a luxury cruise line. Their product on board is superior to their parent company Royal Caribbean International. The ships are extremely clean and well maintained.

The passengers are well educated, sophisticated couples (young and not so young), families with older children and singles who like the ambiance. The price is a good value for the money.

Costa Cruises is geared towards a mix of sophistication and basic fare. The ships have an Italian ambiance (noisy but easy going). The mix of passengers varies widely. There are singles, families, young and old.

The ships are well kept for the most part. I have been on Costa cruises twice in the past couple of years. I found the experience to be a good one. The staff is friendly and helpful and the food is quite tasty.

Cunard Lines Sailing aboard a Cunard lines ship is unique because it provides a taste to the golden age of passenger ships.

They have trips to the Caribbean, New England/Canada and transatlantic. They also have trips to South America, Africa, Europe and world cruises.

Disney Cruise Lines is one of the top travel cruise lines for young families. There are also honeymooners and seniors. They have extra large cabins for families, great Disney inspired entertainment, separate adult pools and lounges and the biggest children facilities at sea. This is more of a Disney theme than cruise (ex. there are no casinos).

Fred Olson Cruises are a smaller more intimate cruse lines. The have a host of destinations in the United States, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Amazon Africa, the Canary Islands and West Africa, Northern Europe, UK and Ireland and more.

Holland America Line are moderately priced, classy operation that is casual but refined. It has a touch of old world eloquence. The staff is primarily Filipino and Indonesian and they are eager to please.

Holland currently caters primarily to the over fifty five crowd although families and younger people are starting to come into the mix. The cruise line has been using intense efforts to attract a younger crowd but this process is slow.

Holland America Cruise Ship

Holland American Cruise Ship

Norwegian Cruise Lines -Norwegian's fleet is diverse so the experience will depend on the ship category. This is a good all around family cruise with a sporty feel. NCL America operates pride of America which is dedicated to cruising the Hawaiian Islands. It has a base in Honolulu.

Princess Cruises - Princess ships are well organized, maintained and clean. They provide range of entertainment. The ships are both mid and large size. Princess cruise line is for couples, families with children and older singles. They are now part of Carnival Corporation.

Regent Seven Seas Regent Seven Seas Cruises have a fleet of comfortable and stylish midsized vessels. They provide a casual but eloquent cruise experience.

Regent Cruises sail to Alaska, the Caribbean, Bermuda, Panama, Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Africa/India, South America, Antarctica, and world cruises.

Regent Cruise Ship in Alaska

Regent Cruise Ship in Alaska

Royal Caribbean International - Royal Caribbean is one of the cruise lines that provides a comfortable cruise that is meant for mainstream America. They compete directly with Carnival Travel Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Princess Cruise Lines for things that are offered on board.

As with Carnival Cruise Lines this travel cruise lines is another one that you need to be cautious of the art auctions, inch of gold/silver and so called “designer watches.”

Princess Ship Main Deck

Princess Ship Main Deck

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