Travel Hygiene Supplies

Taking the right travel hygiene supplies on your vacation helps insure that you will have all that you need to keep you healthy, clean and refreshed.

Think small. Many stores such as Wal-Mart and Target have mini products that are just right for traveling. You can get travel size products such as:

Standard travel hygiene supplies are:
• Shampoo
• Tooth paste
• Tooth brushes
• Hand lotion
• Chap Stick
• Dental Floss
• Deodorant
• Cologne or perfume

Travel Hygiene Producst

Travel Hygiene Products

Many of these products are right around a dollar. Most are under two dollars each.

If you have a favorite shampoo or hand lotion you can dump out the existing product and put in your favorite one.

Supplies to keep you healthy on your vacation

Pepto Bismol
Going on vacation can wreck havoc on ones body. Change in time, change in routines, different foods, different activities and other factors can cause stomach issues.

What is especially important is are the different foods your body may not be used to. Some of them may have bacteria and other things your body may not be use to.

Pepto Bismol coats the stomach. This acts as a buffer and seems to help keep away minor stomach problems. From personal experience I have taken Pepto Bismal on almost every major vacation in the past couple of decades and almost never get ill. On one vacation I didn’t take it and I did get ill for about a day.

Whether the Pepto Bismol has acted as a placebo, or it actually worked, I will never know for sure. However, I still try to take it regularly starting a couple days before my trips and then throughout the trip.

Imodium is a good over the counter medication in case you get diarrhea. Many people on trips get this affliction for the reasons noted above. This is a better be safe than sorry preventative care measure.

For minor cuts, Neosporin accelerates the healing process once a wound has been cleaned properly

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