Travel Packing Lists

Travel packing lists are great for helping you get organized for your inexpensive vacation.

There is always limited luggage space. Proper planning will help you maximize this space.

This section provides you with ideas and lists to pack smartly.

There are many high-tech fibers that are stylish, wrinkle resistant, comfortable, easy to pack and take minimal space.

Wrinkle resistance is especially important since you probably don’t want to invest a lot of time on your vacation ironing clothes.

There are many simple accessories that are minimal in size and maximum effect. For men consider items such as colorful shirts and ties. For women consider scarves in silk and a couple of small purses. Think small with maximum effect.

Good walking shoes are important for the vacation as well as during your traveling. On most vacations a good pair of dress shoes is also worthwhile for a evening out on the town.

When traveling always wear comfortable shoes. You don’t know how much walking and standing you will have to do. A good pair of comfortable tennis shoes or loafers will help minimize exhaustion and keep up your energy levels up.

Finally: Only take what is absolutely necessaryIt is extremely easy to get carried away with bringing too many things. See travel tips for packing luggage to help you pack efficiently.

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