Travel Tips for Packing Luggage

Travel tips for packing luggage are as much an art as it is a science.

The ultimate goal is to take all the things you need to make your vacation fun and safe and yet do it in the smallest space possible.

This section provides ideas to do this effectively.

When packing, think small, light and with multiple uses. To make packing easier here are a couple of ideas.

• Make a packing list.

• Once you make a list it is wise to pre-pack to make sure you have everything.

Expandable Luggage

Rugged Expandable Luggage for your Trip

Usually you will find you have too much. Continually ask yourself if this item is really necessary for your vacation. Be relentless on taking only the essentials!

Here are more travel tips for packing luggage.

Select clothes that are made from high-tech fibers. They are stylish, wrinkle resistant, comfortable, easy to pack and take minimal space. Wrinkle resistance is especially important since you probably don’t want to invest a lot of time on your vacation ironing clothes.

Try to keep away from packing bulky sweaters, sweat shirts and jackets in your luggage. If you are going to a cold climate consider wearing some of these items when traveling there instead of putting them in your luggage..

Socks and undergarments etc.
Socks and undergarments can take up some significant space if you aren’t careful. For example, if you are traveling on a weeks vacation and take sports socks, and dress socks for the entire week significant space can be taken up. Here are a couple of ways to minimize their bulkiness:

• If you have a pair of shoes in your luggage, put your socks inside your shoes. In men’s shoes you can usually get can get 2- 3 pair inside each shoe. You may be able to get one or two pair in each shoe.

• Choose less bulky undergarments for vacation. For example, pack men’s briefs instead of regular shorts.

Travel hygiene supplies
Think small. Many stores such as Wal-Mart and Walgreens have mini products that are just right for traveling. You can get travel size products such as:

• Shampoo
• Hair spray
• Hair jell
• Tooth paste
• Tooth brushes
• Hand lotion
• Cologne
• Perfume

Many of these products are right around a dollar. Most are under two dollars each.If you have a favorite shampoo or hand lotion you can dump out the existing product and put in your favorite one.

Pop Up Portable Hamper
There are some fold up hampers that work great for your dirty clothes during a vacation. These take minimal space and pop out to normal hamper size (around 1.5 foot X 2.5 foot tall).

Also, bring along a large garbage bag for putting in your dirty clothes in before you come home to keep them away from your other luggage items if you don't have time to clean (or have them cleaned before you leave).

I have been using this method to deal with my clothes for years on vacation with great success. It takes minimal time and keeps things organized.

Final Thoughts on Travel Tips for Packing Luggage
If you are going on a week or more vacations consider taking a half weeks supply of clothes and then doing laundry at the place you are staying. If you like the rugged life you may choose to wash your garments in the sink or bathtub (a few drops of shampoo) works well for this. Hang them over the shower rod and let them dry overnight.

I hope these travel tips for packing luggage have been of help.

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