United States National Parks

Visiting one or more of the United States National Parks is a fantastic inexpensive vacation and a wonderful way to see the great outdoors.

Park fees are very reasonable, camping is cheap, and many resorts are inexpensive.

And…the beauty, majesty and serenity of the parks is always good for the soul.

A high percentage of the best National parks are in the Western part of the country.

There are also many wonderful parks sprinkled throughout the rest of the country where you can take a vacation.

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List of National Parks in the West - If you like nature, wildlife and the great outdoors these parks are great places to consider for your next vacation. The list is broken down by state.

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park in Montana - NPS Picture

Other National Parks Listed by State

Below are some of the best States for visiting National Parks in the rest of the United States.

Florida National Parks - There are three national parks in Florida. There is diverse marine life such as sea turtles, mantas and spiny lobsters. You can also visit where pirates once roamed and experience the wonder of the everglades.

Kentucky National Parks - There are two national parks in Kentucky. Here you can see the Cumberland Gap that was used for settlers to move to the west, and there is Mammoth Cave which is the largest cave in the world.

Michigan National Parks - There are two national parks in Michigan. You can visit the largest island in Lake Superior at Isle Royale National Park. Or, visit one of some of the most productive copper mines in the world, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Tennessee National Parks - There are two national parks in Tennessee. You can see diverse plant and wildlife in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park or see preserved battlefields from the civil war in Shiloh National Military Park.

Hawaii National Parks have a great deal to offer. There are active and huge volcanoes, fragile ecosystems, endangered species, prehistoric home sites, coconut groves, breathtaking scenery and more.

Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park - NPS Picture

Note: Pictures are courtesy of the National Park Service.

For rustic places to stay at see: National Parks Camping

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