Verona Italy

Verona Italy is best known for the story of Romeo and Juliet.

Verona has the third largest Roman Arena in Italy and a top opera festival. Verona was also home for “Dante” Alighieri after escaping from Florence.

Verona is the fourth most visited city in Italy and has much for curious and adventuresome tourists.

It was one of the most important cities during the early Roman Empire and has architecture to show this.

Verona is also one of the best preserved sections of Italy.

Things to do In Verona

Romeo and Juliet Performance
As might be expected, many visitors to Verona enjoy a performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The summer months bring the famous Shakespeare festival. It has performances by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

During your trip to Milan you can also see the dwellings of the famous Romeo and Juliet (who may or may not have existed).

The Arena di Verona
The Arena di Verona is the third largest arena in Italy. Don’t miss this magnificent site. Even though it was constructed in 30 AD, much of the original architecture remains. The amphitheater still has opera productions throughout the summer months.

Castelvecchio is a military fortress which has been transformed into an art museum. It has many significant works of art that are strictly in a medieval setting.

Piazza del Signiori and Palazzo del Governo
Piazza del Signiori and Palazzo del Governo are worthwhile to see while in Verona.

Piazza del Signiori is the home of the Torre dei Lamberti, an octagonal bell tower that provides a panoramic view of Verona. Dante Alighieri considered the Palazzo del Governo home after escaping from Florence.

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