A Virgin Islands Vacation

A Virgin Islands vacation is a great place to relax in warm sun and enjoy the sandy beaches and stunning Turquoise Ocean.

This web page focuses on things to do in the US Virgin Islands (located in the western Caribbean). It also provides several cheap vacation ideas.

Inexpensive Vacation Ideas for a US Virgin Islands Vacation

• Consider traveling during the off season mid April until mid December. You will probably want to stay away from hurricane season (officially from June to November), or stay abreast of the weather.

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Truck Bay St John Island Virgin Islands

Truck Bay St John Island

During the off season you can get from 25-50% less on prices. Also, crowds are less and the atmosphere is more laid back. Check for occupancy rate. Fewer crowds are good, but a deserted hotel won’t be much fun either!

Some hotels are doing reconstruction during the off season, others close completely. Some of the restaurants close as well.

• Research the best hotel and airline rates on line.
See: Book Travel Online.

• Consider taking a cruise that tours the US Virgin Islands . Cruises are a good way to see a lot at inexpensive prices.

• Book early to get great rates.

Sailing and Diving
1. If you love to sail, you may want to consider Virgin Islands sailing. A beautiful blue ocean and cool breezes await your arrival.

2. If you are an avid diver, this underwater paradise is ready to be explored. There is abundant sea life, coral and beckoning ship wrecks!

St. Thomas
Vacationers discovered St Thomas after world war two and have been coming here in swarms ever since! Tourism and US Government programs have raised the standard of living has risen to one of the highest in the Caribbean. It is beautiful, however it is a favorite of the cruise industry and gets crowed at times.

During winter there may be up to five cruise ships a day letting off their passengers (up to 12,000 or more) in a small town like Charlotte Amalie. This is not a tranquil tropical retreat!

Sailboats off St Thomas Island

Sailboats off St Thomas Island - Virgin Islands Vacation

St Croix
This is the largest of the US Virgin Islands. It also gets fewer visitors than St. Thomas and is a more tranquil place to visit. Some time back there were robberies and muggings (and most of the cruise lines quit coming) but there has been a concerted are trying to improve conditions and some of the cruise ships are returning.

The primary attraction is the Buck Island Reef National Park Monument. It is an offshore park with beautiful coral reefs.

Fun History:
Columbus discovered the Virgin Islands during his second visit to the New World in 1493.

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