Washington DC Activities

Washington DC Activities are busting with amazing exhibits and activates.

There is an incredible amount of rich American history and culture in this city. It will please the most skeptical of tourists.

Besides the key government buildings there are a wide array of museums, monuments, and more.

The Smithsonian museums are some of my favorite attractions in Washington DC.

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White House

The White House

Depending on your schedule, you could easily spend a busy week exploring just the major activities here. A little planning beforehand will ensure you get to see some prime areas of our nation’s capital, especially if you only have a day or two to visit.

Key Government Buildings
The US Capital, White House and the U.S. Supreme court are the cornerstones of our government. They will help you understand the division of power in our government.There are other government buildings that may be worth considering as well.

US Capital Building

The US Capital

The Smithsonian Museums
The Smithsonian museums are world class with a wide variety of exhibits from nature to precious diamonds, to spaceflight and more. Admission to all of the museums is free!

There are guided tours for those who enjoy them. You can also design your own agenda to see the amazing artifacts stored in these treasure chests of our rich history. With 19 museums and galleries there is something for everyone.

Apollo 11 Landing Smithsonian Museum

The Smithsonian - Apollo 11

The Major Monuments and Memorials
There are an incredible number of monuments and memorials (and Arlington Cemetery—a must see) to consider when looking for activities.

Lincolm Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Many are within walking distance of one another which makes the adventure that much more fun. Some of the key monuments and memorials are:

• Arlington National Cemetery
• Washington Monument
• Lincoln National Memorial
• Jefferson National Memorial
• World War II Museum
• Vietnam Veterans Museum
• Iwo Jima Memorial
• Holocaust Memorial Museum
• Theodore Roosevelt Island
• Air Force Memorial
• Pentagon Memorial

Reflecting Pool

The Reflecting Pool

We have explored some of the key Washington DC Activities during the day on vacation. The evenings can also be filled with great restaurants, and other adventures.

Washington DC is one of my favorite cities for all the rich activities—many which won’t cost any money but will provide you with great experiences and education on your vacation. Enjoy!

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